So, today was our first official day of our 10 Day Challenge. Our menu for the day was:

Breakfast: Granola Cereal. This cereal is super filling. I think for the next batch we make, I will look for a ‘rice crispy’ or ‘puffed wheat’ type of cereal to add to the mix. I think it will add a nice airy crunch in contrast to the nuts. 

Lunch: Quesadillas. I used the whole wheat tortillas that I pre-made last night, sharp cheddar cheese (shredded from a block) and served it with a side of sour cream and salsa. They were super yummy! I am normally NOT a fan of store bought whole wheat tortillas, I can’t even stand the smell of them. But my homemade tortillas are so delish!

Dinner: Quinoa, black beans, corn and BBQ shredded chicken salad. This is a dish that we enjoyed pre-challenge. The only change I had to make was the BBQ sauce. Since regular BBQ sauce is highly processed (and packed with sugar!) I experimented and made my own BBQ sauce using organic ketchup and honey on the stovetop. I was pleasantly surprised that it not only worked, but it was SO good! Perfectly sweet, salty and acidic at the same time. Go me!

Snacks: string cheese, banana (I didn’t really plan snacks, it was more of a ‘grab what you want’ situation.)


Overall, today did not feel much different from our normal way of eating. Yes, it is a little more work in having to make certain things for yourself (i.e. the tortillas and BBQ sauce…) but if you are prepared, it really isn’t an inconvenience. Speaking of which, tonight I prepared our breakfast and lunches for tomorrow. Below is a sneak peak of our breakfast!  Thanks for visiting =)